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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services in CNY


Central New York Mediation Services is Ready to Help You Reach a Resolution to Your Conflict

Civil and Commercial - Contracts, partnerships, construction, insurance, personal injury, professional malpractice.

Family and Divorce - Divorce, child custody, post-divorce parenting, pre-marital agreements, child/parent, adoption, elder care, dependency and neglect actions, estates.

Labor and Employment - Workers compensation, discrimination complaints, employer/employee disputes, collective bargaining. See more information on Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.

Neighborhood and Community - Landlord/tenant disputes, zoning disputes, victim/offender reconciliation, neighbor/neighbor disputes, churches, organizations.

Environment - Land use, mineral rights, pollution, waste disposal, water rights.

Education - Special Education, student/student, student/teacher, parent/teacher, administration/teacher, school trainings.